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Welcome to Lovelifelifestyleblog: My first blog post

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Hello world,

I am Sree & Welcome to my small little world of Lovelifelifestyleblog. This is going to be my first post on this blog. Thank you so much for taking your precious time and reading this.

Life is a journey that needs to be cherished and celebrated each and every day. I am 20 something mere ordinary girl dreaming to be extraordinary. I like ultra-modern things and at the same moment, I have a strong love for all things vintage. I like sharp crisp styles and at the same time, I fall for all the cutesy elements out there. I love spicy foods yet at the same time, I like cool calming fresh foods. I love oh so hot smokey eyes with red lips makeup and at the same time, I love a fresh face with only a hint of lip balm. I love the idea of traveling 10 places in 10 days and at the same time, I love being at a single place for 10 days living a slow life and unwind. I love hard rock and at the same time, I love listening to jazz instrumentals. I guess we all are confused about what we actually like and hence we like at least a small part of everything. My life had its ups and downs yet its fun to live such a life. Firstly, I wanted to be a pilot (for my love of adventure), then an architect (for my love of designing & my love for European architecture). Secondly, I wanted to be a fashion designer (yes, you guessed it right, this was for my love of designing & fashion) and a chef as well (P.s I am a foodie). None of my plans were successful & eventually, my dreams shattered. Now after spending so many years of my life on this earth & having a post-graduate degree in finance, I decided to take charge of my dreams and hence started blogging. Life is like a jigsaw puzzle where different chapters, all ups, and downs, all happiness, and sadness come together to make the perfect picture of your life. Hence, celebrate all such pieces of the puzzle of your life. I hope my little blog would add a bit to the puzzle pieces of your life. So, come let’s join hands and enjoy and cherish this beautiful journey called Life. This platform will give me the opportunity to share all the things that I love. I hope to have all the support, encouragement, suggestions, constructive criticisms from you all to help make me a better person and help me take my small steps ahead in this blogging world.

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20 thoughts on “Welcome to Lovelifelifestyleblog: My first blog post”

  1. o welcome to blogging world……yes life seems to pull us in both directions and thus you enjoy experiencing them both…..nice to hear so much positivity….discovering your potential is best thing ever…..good luck


  2. Welcome to the blogging community! It can be scary and frustrating at times but just keep at it. It is so worth it. I just celebrated a year of blogging in March. You can do this!


    1. Thank you so much dear😊😊 Love is not just for couples,it’s an emotional bond that can be between anyone, kids with parents, one human with another, any person with their pet etc❤️❤️ Do explore love in all forms😊


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