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Dalgona Coffee Recipe (Step by Step) & Tips for perfect Dalgona Coffee

Coffee makes everything so awake & lively, isn’t it?
The smell of fresh ground coffee, the frothy creamy mixture is so ASMR. There’s a trend that has definitely taken the internet by storm.
That’s the “Dalgona Coffee”.

A coffee without a coffee machine?
A frothy creamy coffee that you would enjoy at Starbucks?
A yummy sugary coffee for your sweet & dessert cravings?
Easy recipe?
Less time taking & quick recipe?
All in one?
Oh yes!

Presenting Dalgona Coffee “The most hyped & trending coffee on social media right now”

Whether stuck in quarantine or just bored or just having sweet cravings or you wanna have the frothy foamy whipped coffee from Starbucks without paying much then this recipe is just perfect.

The Dalgona Coffee recipe calls 4 simple ingredients & for a 1:1:1 ratio of instant coffee powder, sugar and hot water, whipped till fluffy either with a mixer or by hand, then poured over milk (Dairy or non-dairy plant-based).

Find the step by step recipe of the Dalgona Coffee below:


Instant Coffee Powder
Hot Water
Dairy or Plant-based milk

How to make Dalgona Coffee step by step:

1. Heat water, hot water is needed for the frothy mixture.
2. Add 2 tsp of instant coffee powder with 2 tsp of sugar and mix.
3. Add 2 tsp of hot water into the dry mix and start whisking.
4. Whisk for 5-8 minutes till the mixture becomes light, fluffy, frothy and creamy.
5. Pour your warm or cold milk in a glass or cup.
6. Add ice in the milk of you are making cold Dalgona Coffee.
7. Add the fluffy coffee mixture on top of that.
8. Take a pic, post on social media & enjoy!

Well, you can ignore the 8th step and can enjoy it right away, though!

Tips for making the Perfect Dalgona Coffee

1. Remember the ratio of coffee, sugar, hot water. It is 1:1:1
2. Remember to use “hot” water so that coffee and sugar can fully dissolve and make the mixture creamy light & fluffy
3. Whisk & Whip for a minimum of 5-8 minutes till the mixture becomes light & fluffy
4. Use instant coffee powder & not coffee premix with sugar and milk powder present in them.

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